CIV833 Matrix Analysis of Structures

CIV 334 Theory of Structures C

I'd like all CIV833/CIV334 students to click here to go to University of Sydney's web site describing the World Trade Center. From there, you will find excellent links to sites describing other important buildings. Also, click here to see JK's simplified description of the building.

Additionally, I would like all MSc students (whether Structural Engineering or Structural Engineering & Construction Management to look at the 55 case studies in the following table. Many of the case studies will be familiar to undergraduates taking CIV334 but they are regularly updated so I recommend that undergrads also look at them. Although the case studies won't be examined in this module, they will help with dissertations and in design studies.

6th Avenue Bridge, Seattle

Pedestrian bridge, Seattle

Reebok Stadium, Bolton

World Trade Center

Welded bridge, Seattle

Coast Road railway bridge

Tyne & Sydney bridges

Bascule bridge, Seattle

Stadium of Light

Timber Arch, Bellevue

Segedunum Roman Fort

Market St. Bridge, Seattle

MacAlpine Stadium

Lift shaft, Richmond, Va

Jesmond Dean bridge

Brisbane ferry landing

Truss bridge, Ghana

James River Railway Bridge

Portal frame building N/S

Schiphol Airport bridges

Seattle monorail

Shoring at Newcastle & York

North Shields pedestrian bridge


Structural disasters

Cragside bridge

Bailey bridge

Allen Banks bridge

St. James Park

Old Trafford

Rotterdam Sculpture

Cook Bridge, Brisbane

William Jolly bridge, Brisbane

NASA test machine

Whitley Bay Metro Station

Leazes Arcade

Bahrain concrete mall

Telford's aqueduct, A5

Concrete bridge collapse, Ghana

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

Collingwood Mansions

Ghana rope bridge

Reinforced Concrete Basement

Robinson Library

Hartlepool United

Railway Station Canopy, Va.

Rialto Bridge, Venice

Timber Trestle bridge

Smiths Tower, Seattle

Historic building, Richmond, Va.

Pedestrian bridge, Wolston

Volta bridge, Ghana

Scotswood Bridge

Ekumfi Atakwa, Ghana

Historic concrete


The notes are in 5 sections covering:

Frame stiffness (5 pages)

Grillage stiffness (4 pages)

Finite element analysis (7 pages)

Dynamics (6 pages) - Click here to read "Sources of Vibration Excitation in Buildings"

Stability (8 pages)


Click on the table below to read the page you need.

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Grillage stiffness

Finite element analysis



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FINITE ELEMENT CLASS EXAMPLE SOLUTION Click the pages in the table below.

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STRUCTURAL STEEL SECTION PROPERTIES Click here for structural steel section details


Click here to see the Coursework Assignment and click here to see the coursework Quality Assurance form which sets out details, including submission date. Students have all been given a copy of the computer programme Nnapframe in order to complete the Assignment. Click on the table below to see the 12 page user manual. (Note, page 11 is blank so does not appear below.)

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