Simple truss bridges in Seattle, Washington State, US

Because Seattle is hilly and surrounded on most sides by water (Puget Sound and Lake Washington) is has a rich assortment of both historic and modern bridges. The pictures on this page show typical examples and are used by Prof. J Knapton in his Stage 1 Elementary Structural Design lectures at Newcastle University. When you have browsed this page, you may wish to see a truss bridge in Ghana, a bascule (balanced lifting) bridge in Seattle or a series of suspension bridges forming a jungle canopy walkway in Ghana.









6th Avenue Bridge, Seattle

The bridge below is in 6th Avenue, Seattle and shows how the tension members transfer the bridge loads to the building on the right.

Timber Trestle Bridge, Bellevue, Washington State, US

A common type of historic rail bridge in the US is the timber trestle bridge which comprises a three dimensional arrangement of large timber members bolted together. The two pictures below show a fine example in Bellevue, Washington State which runs alongside Interstate 405.