Pavement total quality chart



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The Chart illustrated here can be used to develop a specification for a pavement surfaced with pavers. It guides the user towards a suitable specification for different pavement requirements. It takes into account not just the usual factors such as loading levels and ground conditions but also includes the expectations of the end user in terms of the visibility of the pavement, its environmental conditions and the importance of the pavement to the community. By using the Chart, the specifier will ensure that the materials selected for the base, the laying course and the joints will be adequate for the intended use. To use the Chart, select the specification code appropriate to each of the pavement requirements as set out in the upper boxes. Then, pick the most onerous combination of the four elements defining the quality required for the pavement and merge them into the four element code which defines the quality required for the pavement.


If you find this Chart difficult to read, contact John Knapton on:

who will be pleased to send you an improved version by another medium. (you will probably need to click on the picture with your right mouse button then click on "view picture"). A fuller explanation of the use of this Chart is provided in the first 1999 issue of Blockleys Brick's publication "New Directions". If you are not on the "New Directions" mailing list, telephone Ian Cook, at Blockleys, on (44) 1952 251933 who will include your name on future mailings. 


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