JK has written three books, all published by Thomas Telford Ltd, the Institution of Civil Engineers' publishing company:

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...and in February 2003:

Ground bearing concrete slabs

60.00, ISBN: 0-7277-3186-6


This comprehensive new reference work provides invaluable information to designers and specifiers throughout the design and construction project and beyond.It comprises guidance on all categories of ground bearing concrete.The book draws widely from the author ’s previously published technical books and broad consultancy and research work. Illustrated case studies of failures are included alongside good-practice guidelines for specifying a concrete floor. The case studies highlight the principal defects that can occur and the steps to be taken to avoid them.



* Materials for ground bearing concrete

* Material properties and test methods — including steel and polypropylene fibres

* Installation

* Long strip,wide bay,single pour technology

* Joints,finishing,flatness

* Drainage,skidding,sub-base,capping

* Design of floors for industrial buildings

* Loading,stress analysis,Westergaard, uniform loading,joint design,ground assessment

* Design of highway pavements

* TRRL method,RN29,CRCP, RCC

* Design of industrial pavements

* Container handling

* Design chart

* Dynamics

* Design of piled floors

* Different piled options

* Design of panels, pile caps,beams systems

* Investigation and repair of damaged industrial floors

* Case studies

* Investigation and repair of damaged highway and industrial pavements

* Case studies

* Detailed specifications

* Specification clauses





Note, if you would like to see a floor being installed by single pour technology, click here so see a 15 second MPEG movie. You will need a REAL Player if you have a PC or Quicktime if you have an Apple. Note that the file is just over a megabyte so you may not wish to do this if you are using a slowish modem.